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LearnSense LTD produces web applications and IT training that empower students to realise academic achievement through mentor and parent involvement. A suite of video teaching, online assessment and learning plan structuring tools have grown from successive proof of concept and seed grants from the Fulham Trust, CaVSA and the North Fulham NDC. The core software functions are built on the principles of clear access to Assess Pupil Progress and National Curriculum targets and of effective communication between families and educators.

BizSpark Start Up Products & Product Development:

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SwotBots is a learning plan based teaching tool designed for after school learning programmes. It keeps tutors and students on target, enables video teaching and updates parents with progress by automated SMS text messages. The software embeds the core functions from Key Tutor Success in AJAX framework pages and adds live video and whiteboard tutorials. It was funded through a generous development grant from the North Fulham NDC to demonstrate a lasting impact of the Key 2/4 Success tuition programme.

Yinka Amarety Supplementary Schools Coordinator at CaVSA supported deployment of the solution for Fulham Borough supplementary schools in London

Key Tutor Success Through a grant from CaVSA, the Key Tutor Success web application was developed to support supplementary schools to provide tools for teaching and project management.

The software was based on the learning plan software, used by the North Fulham NDC for the Key 2/4 Success after school tuition program. The application helps tutors plan tuition and track students progress with automated SMS text reporting to parents and automated email to project managers.

Key Tutor Success is a dynamic web application driven by Asp.NET and SQL.

KidStarChart is the web version of the classic children's reward tool. We couple information for parents such as developmental stage targets with children's retail marketing matching progress with rewards.

Technology: All sites are hosted on Cloud Servers running MS Web Server 2008 R2 with SQL. Domain names are registered with GoDaddy and sites are managed using IIS7.

For a demonstration of software please contact me on stephan@learnsense.org . I will respond within 1 business day.

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